1. Bonita

From the recordings Bonita and Bonita


Bonita came the rake through the gravel voice of her granddad
Her granddad or “Pappy” - Was a name that was used by children and adults alike
They had to move into his old farm house the same New Years Day Roberto Clemente died
Bonita was a big boned girl but she was jack rabbit fast
She could throw a hard ball like a boy
Just like the way her daddy showed her how
But she never dare mention his name
Because Pappy always say - “Well, where the hell is he now?”
Pappy was a good man - unless he’s drinking wine
Now the only days he ever did that - were the one’s that ended with a why "Y"
It was the difference from day to night - from pitch black to broad day light
Now that farmhouse had a barn window that was strike zone high
She used to let her fast balls fly straight and let her sad thoughts float away like butterflies
Pappy keeps on calling her name and Bonita just keeps on throwing strikes